Blank Wooden Phone Cases for Schools

Based in NSW Australia, we have been designing wooden phone cases since 2014. In 2018 we received our first enquiry from a school, asking if we could make blank wooden cases for their students to design artworks and learn to laser engrave on them. We found it intriguing and inspiring that schools were now incorporating this technology into their classrooms and we were happy to be a part of it.  Since then we have provided over 3,000 cases to schools all over the world. The students love that they are learning an exciting new skill as well as finishing with a keepsake that they can use daily and be proud of or to give as a unique gift.

5th GENERATION OF CASES – Ultra-Tough & Protective

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We understand how rough young students can be with their phones and it is a primary concern for most parents. This is why we have continued to improve and develop cases so they are ultra-tough, durable and protective. 

As smartphones have evolved, so have we, to improve usability and durability. Our latest generation of cases is our best yet: 

  • Sustainable FSC certified wood and recycled plastic & rubber
  • The largest possible area of wood for engraving a design
  • A secure rubber outer, covering every edge of the phone, providing excellent shock absorption from heavy impacts
  • A corrugated texture on the edges of the case ensuring a perfect grip and prevention of RSI. 
  • Easy access to buttons, control tabs and charging ports

We are so sure of the durability and longevity of our cases we give them a 2 YEAR WARRANTY!

Features of blank wooden phone cases


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With a wide variety of smartphones on the market nowadays we aim to not leave any student out with a comprehensive list of blank wooden phone cases available.


All cases are offered at our lowest possible wholesale pricing with a low MOQ of just 20 pieces.


Please contact us via the contact form on our website to find out how to make an order of wooden cases for your school. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing the unique and amazing designs your students create!

Team Buko

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Play is the highest form of research.

-Albert Einstein